Reseller and Distributer Program

Centrally manage all your restaurant and hotel screens and engage your Audience with Truelink Media  

The main aim of Truelink Media Reseller and Distributor partner program is to provide better rewards to our most capable and dedicated partners. We strive to establish a win-win situation with our partners, who can grow for themselves and also help Truelink Media grow in the process. Enquiries from India as well as abroad are welcome. Contact us to know more.  

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White Label Partner Program

Join Our White Label Partner Program And Grow Your Business

Your Own Branded Digital Signage Platform!  

Truelink Media White Label partner solution enables customisation of our entire Truelink Media Digital Signage Platform. You can have your name, logo and URL display on the platform. You can then offer it to your end customer directly without anyone in the middle, and can establish a direct relationship with your client. 


Customised URL

You will be able to create your own URL for use of the platform and dashboard access. Your clients will be able to access the dashboard by opening the URL or any other URL of your choice. 

Customised Brand Name

Your Brand name will be shown on every page in place of our brand name. 

User Account creation

You will be able to create and manage accounts for your clients from an isolated web portal. You can setup and manage players for each account. 

Customised Brand Logo

Your Brand logo will be shown on every page of the dashboard and player setup screen in place of our logo. Also, your brand logo will also be present on your player! 

Customised colours

You can customise background colours of the dashboard console according to your preference. 

Customised Email Address and contact details

All platform communication will be sent using your customised email address. 

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Join our Reseller and Distributor Partner program. 

Available for bulk orders only