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Spark your Creativity 

With layout builder, you can design different types of layouts with mix-and-match technique. Experience a new way to design your advertise. Our aim is to provide a number of tools for your flexibility and creativity. With preloaded assets you can create your designs exactly according to your requirements for your application. Use predesigned themes for quick and easy creation of beautiful layouts.

Create Stunning Content With Lots Of Predesigned Materials And Assets Like Stock Images, Symbols, Stock Videos And Themes

Build visually



Editing tools



Multiple resolutions

Instant preview

Equipped features

Drag and drop approach

Experience easy user-friendly functionality with shortcuts and drag-and-drop operations. Create your layouts in the Layout builder easily by simple drag-and-drop operations. 

Layout in layout

Truelink Media Layout Builder provides you flexibility to show your creativity. With this feature, you can place multiple layouts on a single layout. 


Truelink Media layout builder is equipped with a huge collection of tools to accomplish your editing easily: Crop, Resize, Guidelines, Masking, Layers, Stroke, SVG editor etc. 

Dynamic guidelines

Due to human error, its easy to make mistakes for alignment between two objects. With dynamic guidelines, you can place all element precisely in alignment with other elements in your canvas. 


You can arrange all the elements on the timeline according to layers. You can define entry and exit time with different types of animation. 

Assets and Media Library

Create stunning content with a library of predesigned materials and assets like Stock Images, Symbols, Stock Videos And Themes. 

Multi selection

Select multiple elements together and also perform the same operation on all components. This is one feature which saves time. 

Slide function

Just like a presentation, multiple slide feature is implemented. With this feature, user can separate content by multiple slides. 


We at Truelink Media believe that every user can create beautiful content. Truelink Media provides pre-built templates for you to create your beautiful content and publish it. 

Collection of tools

Builder for everything 

Drag and drop

Dynamic guidelines





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