TrueLink Media Library

Easy access to all your content.

Store, Share and manage all your files in Truelink Cloud with an intuitive user interface.

File details

View each file parameter along with details like resolution, size, filetype, thumbnail and many more details. 

Sharing option

Set file permissions to prevent unauthorised access. With this feature, the file owner can define which users can access a file. 

File search

Search entire files from your organisation and save your time. 

Auto format

File upload wizard automatically detects the file type. Each file is automatically categorsed according to its type as an Image, Video, Gif or any other type. 


Find your media files easily with a thumbnail view along with the file name. 

Multiple calendar

Manage and organise your files by all kinds of useful operations like cut, copy, paste, delete, rename, permission, drag and drop etc. 

All new file manager

File management is a very important task in the media business. Truelink media file manager is loaded with number of features to accomplish it easily. File manager is equipped with drag and drop functionality to enable quick operations. Also you might already be familiar with most of the options and functions as they are quite intuitive. With sharing option, you can collaborate with multiple users within your organisation. Also, make your life easy by using keyboard shortcuts for their easy function access and get your work done quickly.  

Everything you need to know

Drag And Drop 

Accomplish your tasks with a few mouse clicks. Just pick file from your computer and drag it to the file manager to upload your file. 

Shortcut OperationS

Pre-programmed shortcuts like ctrl+c, ctrl+x, Delete, ctrl+a and many more. 

Multi Upload 

Upload wizard can upload multiple different files at the same time with different types of formats.

Sharing Option 

Sharing is one of the main feature for easier team work. Share your files with other users in your organisation.


There are some types of view like grid, list, box and thumb lain are available for optimum usage. 

Bookmark your fiiles

User can bookmark important files with a star, your bookmarked files will be highlighted with a star. 

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