Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the queries we hear most often

Can I use vertically oriented displays?

Yes. Player will automatically ask at the beginning for the orientation in the setup process where you will the user has to press the direction key as per the orientation of the direction of the arrow on the screen. 

Where is my uploaded content saved? 

The majority of our servers and data is held in Mumbai AWS servers 

For static assets like images, videos and our websites, we use Digital Ocean CDN, which caches assets in locations around the world. 

What happens at the end of my free trial? 

Well, that kind of depends on you. If you provide a method of payment before the end of your trial, then you’ll be automatically upgraded to our payment plan and will be charged according to our pricing. 
On the other hand, if you don’t provide a method of payment then we’ll suspend your account. This means you won’t be able to add any more screens, and any screens you have connected during the trial will display a friendly message. Don’t worry though, you can enter your payment details at any time to reinstate your service. 

Is it possible to manage screens centrally, all from one location? 

Yes, you can have many screens in many different locations and manage them all by logging into our web app from wherever you happen to be. 

Is there a data limit / file storage capacity? 

Yes there is data limit and it depends on the subscription plan you choose 

How are my payment details stored? 

Obviously, we take security around payment details very seriously. That’s why we use Razorpay and PayU(formerly PayUMoney), highly trusted providers of payment services – so that our servers never need to see your credit card information, and we know it’s held safely. 

Do you offer any discounts? 

Yes, we do. We offer a discount for education and non-profit customers. Simply get in touch with our team for more info and help redeeming the discounts: [email protected] 

Is there any minimum engagement? / Can I cancel at any time? 

There is no minimum engagement. We are a pay as you go system and we will only charge for active screens that are running content. 

What video, image, and document types/formats do you support? 

We support most common file types: 

  • Videos: H.264, H.265 coded mp4 and mkv videos 
  • Images: jpeg, png, and svg 

Can I display websites that are private/only available internally within my company? 

Yes, you can add them just like any other website – using the widget feature in layout builder. However, since these are private websites we are unable to do the usual checks to verify that they will play properly on our players. If you’re having issues getting a private website to work, please contact us via  [email protected] 

Does the platform work with websites/dashboards which require a login? 

Yes, users are required to login on to upload/create/publish the content and to use other features 

How can I turn my non-internet-connected tv/display into a digital signage? 

There are a wide variety of devices that can be used to turn any display device with a HDMI port into a Truelink Media digital signage. You can know more about supported devices on [LINK]. 

Can I run Truelink Media Signage directly on my smart TV? 

You can use Truelink Media App on Android TVs. Otherwise, you’ll need to buy a supported device, such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick. 

Does content continually stream from the internet, or are the files saved/cached on the device and played from there? 

No, there is no stream of content from the internet. The content files are saved on the player itself for further display. 

Do the players work offline? 

Yes our players work in offline mode. But if you want the updated content to be displayed then the player should have an internet connection.  

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