TrueLink Control Center

Control everything from a single place.

Access all your important player data on a single page with the Truelink Control Center. All your player metrics available at one place. 

Truelink Control Center provides a feature-loaded and user-friendly management portal for efficient administration.

Bundle Of Features 

Dashboard is the gateway for all users need on single page. 

Users can use the dashboard page for regularly accessing all important metrics. We at Truelink Media are striving continuously to make the Dashboard more useful for the users. Our vision is to provide a very flexible dashboard with tools that make your screen management easy. 

Device monitor

Monitor your online and offline devices with Device monitor. 


All displays are geo-tagged on map for location tracking. User can get a detailed location view. 

Graphical view

Visualise your important metrics in the dashboard page with different types of graphs. 


Access all necessary notifications in this page. Details regarding missed and unplayed schedules are also provided. 


View which displays are scheduled and which are not. With this user can find out idle displays.  

User monitoring

Shows which users are currently operating your organization dashboard. 


Access all your data regarding storage and bandwidth usage. 


View details regarding your organisation subscription and renewal dates. 

Easy To Read 

All modules are designed keeping easy analysis in mind. User can set Truelink Media Dashboard as a home page and also make an employee room display for continuous monitoring of all the parameters. 

Realtime monitor

Realtime monitor checks connectivity of all devices and also provides instant monitoring view.

Live Monitoring of hardware equipment is quite an important task to accomplish. But you can be busy with other stuff and let Truelink Media handle it! Truelink Media Realtime Monitor provides live status of all your players.

Screen Productivity And Geo-Location 

Track your screen productivity and map the location of your displays.

Track your ad targets better with detailed visualizations. View scheduled and unscheduled players with their location. With the help of these location details, users can plan upcoming content and publishing frequencies. 

Data visualization

Presentation of raw numeric data is quite a task. So we make it easy.

All your relevant data in the dashboard is in graph, chart and tabular form. We make analyzing your display and content data easier with graphics and enable you to take better decisions. 

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