Truetime Scheduler

Fully feature loaded scheduler. For precise time scheduling of media or layouts.

Your schedule, Your flexibility

Experience a new and innovative scheduler. Gain more and better features and user interface compared to other schedulers. Schedule your layouts with limitless possibilities. Manage schedule timing of your players, player groups and layouts from one place with hassle free method. 

Truelink Media Takes Layouts To A Whole New Level With Its Incredibly Advanced Visual Scheduler Technology


Build visually

Card system

Types of calendar

Magic selector

Drag and drop

Conflict handling

Auto schedule

Dynamic days

The future of WYSIWYG

Card scheduling

Every layout is shown as a card with time and size ratio. You can easily edit and re-plan the schedule.

Magic selector

Multiple days between date range can be selected by days (Mon–Sun). Also, holidays can be marked on the calendar for easy scheduling. 

Conflict handling

All your schedule clashes detected automatically. Handle all your schedule clashes manually or automatically. 

True visual editing

All parameter settings are graphical and easy to use. Edit all your parameters and settings visually and intuitively. 

Day parting

User can set day partitions like Early morning, Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Late Evening, Night, Late Night etc. for automatic scheduling. 

Auto schedule

Automatically calculate schedule time as per user provided time partition. All your schedules will be managed automatically without any clashes. 

Drag and drop

Scheduler is designed keeping user-friendliness in mind. Arrange your various schedules in the scheduler easily by simple drag and drop operations.

Multiple calendar

Intuitive Day, month and year calendar with schedule details of each and every hour, minute and second. 

Default layout

When there is no scheduled layout, scheduler automatically displays your configured default layout. 

Single day scheduling

With Truetime Scheduler, you can schedule on a selected single date. With this, you can schedule your layout for a specific date. Useful for celebrations like different festivals and different kind of offers. 

Magic scheduling

This is a useful feature for display-on-rent solution providers. With this you can give flexibility to the client to select any weekday for their advertisement to schedule and save a lot of time. All schedules will be managed automatically without any clashes. 

Pre schedule

Truetime Scheduler allows future planning of schedules upto 5 years. With this feature, users can set a pre-planned schedule for festive offers, celebrations, product launches and other unique activities.

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