Truelink Digital Signage Media Player 


In order to set up your TrueLink Media player, connect your player to your screen. With Truelink Media Player, you can upload your content from anywhere and anytime. Display your created content on your screens according to your customised schedule. TrueLink Media player is compatible with all kinds of consumer and commercial grade displays. 

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Truelink Media Player connects to all kinds of consumer and commercial-grade displays

Safe & Secure

TrueLink Media player provides high level of security for the player. All communication to the player is encrypted and secure to prevent unauthorised access to your players. Truelink Media cares about protecting your privacy. We store all your sensitive data in an encrypted format which only you can access. 

Screen Compatibility

TrueLink Media player is compatible with all types of consumer and commercial grade displays. You can configure your player to work in portrait(vertical) or landscape(horizontal) modes. Video wall configurations are also possible to implement. Display your content with upto 4k resolution with TrueLink Media player. 

Central Management

Manage all your screens located at different locations centrally. With TrueLink Media, you can manage multiple media players from the dashboard. See statistics on number of online and offline players, Proof-of-Play, your synced layouts, etc. 


TrueLink media player updates itself to the latest software version in the background whenever there is an update available, so you can utilise the latest features available and automatically apply the latest bug fixes.  

Our Features

Enjoy Smooth playback on TrueLink Media Player 

TrueLink Media player is equipped with an ultrafast Quad core processor, 4GB of RAM and a powerful GPU with video acceleration to enable glitch-free and smooth playback on your screens. This combined with upto 32GB of EMMC storage enable you to store all types of layouts and video content easily. 

Ultra-Fast CPU and powerful GPU to enable fast and glitch-free operation 

Hardware Acceleration for ultra-smooth video playback. Videos upto 4k resolution supported. 

Small form factor of the player takes very little space and is super lightweight to transport. 

Gigabit ethernet connectivity for connecting the player reliably to the cloud. 

Dual Band WiFi 2.4G+5.0G connectivity for connecting the player reliably to the cloud 

Energy efficient operation and integrated temperature sensor to prevent overheating of the player 

Player Management

Manage all your players centrally with TrueLink Media Dashboard 

View your players in the Dashboard

See the status of your player in the TrueLink Media Dashboard. See if it is activated and whether it is currently online or offline 

Instant screenshot

TrueLink Media player supports instant screenshot facility. Request an instant screenshot of a player from the TrueLink Media Dashboard and you will get a screenshot of the content playing on the screen at that time with a time-stamp. 

Auto update player schedule

TrueLink Media Digital signage player automatically updates schedule from the scheduler and changes made from the Dashboard are reflected to the players automatically. 

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Easy Setup

Easy to install 

TrueLink Media player is super-easy to install to your screens. All consumer and commercial grade displays are supported with TrueLink Media player. 

Connect our TrueLink Media Player to your screen with the supplied HDMI cable

Connect the power adapter to the player

Note the code displayed on the player screen and enter it in your TrueLink Media dashboard

Your player is now connected to the cloud and is now ready to use!

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All your problems solved by our support team. Feel free to contact us in case of any queries. We are available on phone, E-mail and chat. 

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