Retail Stores and Showrooms

Increase your sales and engage your Audience with Truelink Media 

Display all sorts of engaging content on all your screens – Promotions, offers, live social media feeds, all screens managed centrally from your dashboard 

Digital Signage is proven to influence purchasing decisions of customers and lead to an overall increase in sales 

Why choose Truelink Media for your Retail Stores and showrooms? 

Perfect fit for all types of retail applications 

Create exciting content for you brand in the layout editor and schedule corresponding content according to the day of the week 

Engage your Audience! 

Create exciting content for your brand in the layout editor and schedule corresponding content according to the day of the week 

Promote your Brand! 

Schedule ongoing promotions and offers on store screens across all your stores, managed centrally. Increase sales and attract more audience into your stores. 

Display social feeds 

Deliver a unique customer experience. Display live social feeds with social media integration. Supports Facebook, Instagram, twitter, RSS 

Central Management 

Manage all your screens from a single dashboard centrally, the screens can be situated at different locations. Make custom groups of screens and you can control what those screens play with just a single upload. E.g. Display  Mumbai real estate ads on your Mumbai screen group by just scheduling once from the scheduler. 

Media Player

In order to set up a Digital Signage display you will need to connect TrueLink Media player to connect to your screen. Our digital signage player will help you to upload your content from anywhere and anytime. Display your created layouts in layout editor according to your schedule.  TrueLink Media player is compatible with all kinds of consumer and commercial grade displays

Central management

You can manage all screens by central management. Our media player allows you to manage multiple media players using our CMS.

Supports all resolutions upto 4k 

Our players support playing custom layouts, images and custom created content upto 4k resolution on all types of consumer and commercial grade screen

Easy setup 

It just takes a maximum of 3 minutes to set up a new media player. So this effort makes deployment faster.

Offline support

You can upload your content anytime and anywhere. If you don’t have a good network connection still, you will be able to create content. 

Deep analysis

Media players will provide advanced analytics so a person can make smarter and informed marketing decisions to plan their next strategy.

Realtime information

Media player provides a real-time data like what’s your screen playing, active and inactive media players. 

Make your Screen management easy with TrueLink Media! Our dashboard enables you to manage any number of screens from one place with complete control over the schedule. We are committed to maintain a high level of privacy and security for TrueLink Media customers.
  • Layout designer
  • Scheduler
  • File manager
  • Communication
  • Client portal
  • Report generation
  • User manager
  • Template market

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