About Us

Innovative Signage Solution that engages your customers

Truelink Media is working in the media sector to provide a great user experience and more feature loaded media features. Team Truelink is always ready to provide great user experience to the end clients. There are lots of innovative features preloaded in our hardware and software like Live streaming, Online hardware monitoring, feature-loaded CMS, and amazing layout builder. We want all our users to create beautiful content in minimum time, to enable that we have integrated services like unsplash, pexels, pixabay and many others in our layout builder. For creative output also there is a theme store available for user creativity. 

Dedicated support

We have our team of support executives to provide you dedicated support for any kind of query. We ensure to get your query resolved within 48 hours. 

Team Of Experts

Truelink Media has a team of well experienced experts, who work towards innovation the way we experience media. Truelink Media is constantly working in the direction to change the way people see media. 

Towards building an Eco system

From Server to Hardware, we have expert team members who work on making an ecosystem. This ecosystem help enable easy upgradation as well as provide value to our clients. 

Our Story

We Got Started Because We Want to Upgrade Digital Media Ecosystem 

Truelink media was started 4 years ago with a field experienced team. There are a number of experts available in Truelink team for upcoming innovation. The idea to be in this market was to provide flexibility to the end users with upgraded technology. In the market there are multiple solutions available but one study says that 50% of media players are of no use after a couple of months. The main reason was that the users are keenly interested to continue the usage of the digital signage system but they are unable to create layouts without any help due to difficult software operation. Our aim is to provide a user-friendly solution that anyone familiar with computers can use it to create and display beautiful content on their screens and have complete control when and where it is displayed.

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Be Ready For An Awesome Experience .. 

Truelink Media always works on users flexibility. We have a qualified technical support team and also expect 5 stars after your first visit. Get ready for a new way to experience digital signage marketing solution. An awesome experience awaits you!