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Innovative solution for advertisers to convert your public display to a smart advertising platform

Truelink Media Player can be connected with any kind of TV or display.

Get your Truelink Media Player and enjoy amazing cloud features like: 

Layout Builder



Many More

Plug and play installation

Truelink Media Player is designed for quick setup. No technical expertise is needed for installation. All accessories are included: cables, attachments, remote and user manual. To activate your player, login with provided credentials in the Truelink Media dashboard and follow a simple step-by-step process. 

Creation of layout

Login to the Truelink Media dashboard to create your layouts with the layout builder. Access a huge collection of preloaded assets and all your saved assets. Grab the media asset, pick and place it on canvas and get ready for Amazing possibilities: Hotel menu, Place detail, Offers, Location map, Advertisements and Many more. 

Schedule Your layout

Login to the Truelink Media dashboard to schedule your layouts with the innovative scheduler. Select  your layout, pick your player group(if any), pick the timing and schedule your layout. Truelink Media Scheduler provides user-friendly operation and offers amazing control compared to other solutions.  

Go all the way from setup to content publication in just

5 minutes

Better user layout creation with Truelink 

Media solution 

Media player

In order to set up a Digital Signage display you will need a media player to connect to your screen. Our digital signage player will help you to upload your content from anywhere and anytime. 

Easy setup

It just takes a maximum of 3 minutes to set up a new media player. So this effort makes deployment faster.

Supports all resolutions upto 4k

Our players support playing custom layouts, images and custom created content upto 4k resolution on all types of consumer and commercial grade screens.

Realtime information

Media player provides a real-time data like what’s your screen playing, active and inactive media players.

Central management

You can manage all screens by central management. Our media player allows you to manage multiple media players using our CMS.

Offline support

You can upload your content anytime and anywhere. Even if the device does not have a network connection, content playback will continue on the screen.

Deep analysis

Media players will provide advanced analytics so a person can make smarter and informed marketing decisions to plan their next strategy.

Better user layout creation with Truelink Media solution

Layout designer


File manager


Creative layout designer

Fully featured loaded scheduler

Simple and secure file manager

Scalable communication technique

All client’s need at one portal

Advanced report generation with depth analysis

User roles and permissions

1000+ pre-built templates

Client portal

Report generation

Users isolation

Template market


There are multiple applications of digital signage in this growing market. In our regular life we can see digital signage in most public places and also its very useful and convenient for the end users.


Social Feeds

Offers and Discounts


Queue Management


Product Branding


Server availability all over the world with our Content Delivery Network


Digital Signage is a live application, it runs for majority of the day in many cases. For a successful Digital signage solution, you need vendor support. We at Truelink Media are always available to support our clients.

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We have an automated chat bot for instant reply. You can get all important information in the chatbot. Chatbot also allows you to generate a support request.


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